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Fragrance Notes (Warm):

Top: Whiskey, Saffron, Honey

Heart: Incense, Brandy, Leather

Base:  Tobacco Leaves, Oak, Benzoin, Cedar, Amber

At the end of a long day, sink into a luxurious leather chair, put your feet up, and unwind with the Nightcap candle. Brandy-infused Tobacco Leaves are drenched in sweet Honey, soaking in a pool of intoxicating Whiskey. Nightcap finishes with a base of Oak, Cedar, and warm Benzoin. Salud!

We recommend burning for a minimum of 4 hours for the large candle jars and 2 hours for candle tins the first time you enjoy your candle to prevent tunneling. It also helps your candle maintain a nice clean burn!

**Please note that we have recently rebranded from Couture Candle Company. To reduce waste and support our commitment to sustainability, we are using the remaining old labels on some products.


Every item is handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Because our products are handmade, they may have some imperfections like minor discoloration, slightly off-centered labels, tiny markings on the outside of the jar, etc. 

Please also be aware that fragrance oils will naturally color the products. This is part of the normal scientific process of making candles and soaps. NONE of these impact the quality of our products.

Copyright Notice: All photos on this website have been taken by us and are not to be used, manipulated, distributed, or reposted to any site without our express written permission. 

All descriptions are written by us and cannot be copied. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ALL LABEL DESIGNS & PHOTOS BELONG TO COUTURE CANDLE COMPANY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I purchased Night cap when it first launched for my bar. My candles have been mostly burned down for so long now that when I opened this new box and smelled it I immediately said 'the bar just smells like this 100% of the time" and I haven't been able to pinpoint what was making the smell. I now know without a doubt that it was the Nightcap candles. It's had this just amazing smell that only stays in the bar, so when I walk through its amazing. I love this scent!


For the past few months I've been out of this candle but there was still about half an inch left in the bottom of the jar. Every time I walked in the room there was this amazing yet feint smell that I couldn't pinpoint what it was. Until I replaced and it it immediately hit me that it was the candle. It has such an amazing speakeasy bar smell to it that is a great add to any man cave

David S.

Have you ever watched an old 60's/70's detective movie and wondered what their office smelled like? A stogie sitting on the counter, a glass of whiskey, and a young dame walking in the door to hire the private dick. This candle is the definition of that scene.

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